Weld-On is a company that manufactures solvent cements, cleaners, primers, adhesives, and application accessories. They are a sub-company of the IPS Corporation. This sub-company branched off to their own website in 2011. In 2015, the website was redesigned again to accomodate responsive functionality and move onto a wordpress platform.

Site details:

  • Weld-On is well-known worldwide. To accomodate their audience, the site is translated in spanish, and chinese. There is also an “international” section which allows you to see can labels from different countries and get contact information for international distributors.
  • This site has frequent updates to keep product information and specification sheets up-to-date, and announce new products.
  • The site is built on WordPress for ease of updating within a team environment, and client accessibility.
  • With the redesign, we restructured the product area to have single product pages and related products to enhance product awareness, and SEO visibility.
  • We built a custom theme and template pages for the various product pages and categories.
  • I personally created user training manuals and held training sessions to show the client how to make edits to their site, and explain everything in non-technical terms.

Work on this website was done in collaboration with others in a team environment. My role was as an HTML/CSS programmer, and content manager.

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