Henry Company


Henry Company


Henry Company is a manufacturer of various roofing products, air and vapor barriers, waterproofing solutions, as well as driveway cements and other accessories.

Site details:

  • Henry has a very large inventory of various products in many different categories. We built this site on Drupal content management system for ease of use and managing such a large amount of content.
  • Due to the products having so much information and downloadable tech sheets and brochures, we used a tabbed interface to more easily display the information on one page without having a super complex navigation system.
  • Henry has a large Canadian market and offers some of its products only in Canada. To accomodate this need, the website is translated into canadian english, and canadian french. A pop-up window shows at a users first visit for them to choose their preference.
  • This website features a BES (Building Envelope Systems) Binder. This was a specific feature we built for the client. A user would sign up, and they could add the specific documentation for products they regularly use to their online binder. Tech specs, product brochures, data sheets, msds sheets, even architectural cad drawings are available for some products. Once they are saved to the online binder, they are easily accessible any time they log in. Also, if a document is updated or removed, it will reflect the newest version every time the user logs into their online binder.
  • This site was originally designed in 2010. We used a lot of flash animation in the original layouts. It has been recently updated to accomplish some of the interactivity and animation without using flash, so it can be compatible with all smartphones and tablets.

Work on this website was done in collaboration with others in a team environment. My role was as an HTML/CSS Drupal programmer, and content manager. I was also liason between account team/client and programming team when building some of the complex features.

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