Customers Bank

Customers Bank


Customers Bank is a regional bank serving the western suburbs of Philadelphia. They are growing their market and now have branches in NY and NJ as well.

Site details:

  • Site was hand-coded in HTML/CSS and PHP. A custom design was translated into template pages for all areas of content.
  • This site is features a dynamic slideshow, and how-to videos. It also seamlessly integrates the security portals needed for customers to log on to do their online banking.
  • This site has a separate mobile unit ( which will be served if the user visits the URL on a smartphone. This was designed back in 2011-2012 right before the influx of responsive design.
  • This website is primarily used as a brochure website for various banking features, rates and accounts. The site encourages the user to contact the bank directly for more information and to open new accounts.
  • Users have direct access to their accounts and other features through the CBAccess app available for smartphones and tablets.
  • High end security and backup procedures were needed to ensure the site is always online and users can access their accounts.

Work on this website was done in collaboration with others in a team environment. My role was as an HTML/CSS and PHP programmer, and content manager.

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