About Me

Lauren CassieWelcome to the world of blinkilite!

Hello, I’m Lauren Cassie. I have a BS in Graphic Design from Drexel University. I spent 8 years or so in the print advertising world before I became a web programmer.

I have been working on the interactive side since 2007, I can hand-code HTML and I’m an expert with CSS, and pretty good with Sass. I am knowledgable in PHP and can navigate and customize my way around many content management systems, though I am most experienced with WordPress. I am familiar with Google marketing, analytics and SEO, and can build sites with hand coded responsive design, or utilizing a framework. With a print design background, I am also fluent in the Adobe Creative Suite software. I can be that often-needed connection between designers and programmers.

I live just outside of Philadelphia, PA. I am currently available for full time or freelance work. Please contact me if you like what I do and want to find out more. Please download my resume to learn more about my background.